Fresh Mint Creator and Chef, Mai Ly

We make veggies

You don't eat enough vegetables because they don't taste good. That problem is solved here at Fresh Mint.

Being a vegan for 20 years, Executive Chef Mai Ly decided it was time to take her passion for cooking and plant-based cuisine to a new level: opening her own restaurant where people wouldn't have to force themselves to eat that side plate of vegetables.

Here, it's the main course. And it's delicious.


Fresh Mint Lemongrass Tofu

Vegan Dishes

We specialize in plant-based cuisine where veggies are the focus.

Fresh Mint Salad

gluten-free dishes

Due to high demand, we have developed a full gluten-free menu!

Fresh Mint Lemongrass Soy Beef Delight


We are fully kosher-certified under Rabbi Rabibo's watch.


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